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The official cryptocurrency of the Gamactica platform. Use it within the Gamactiverse and build your investment.




Gamactica + GamactiCoin

GamactiCoin Rewards gamers and content creators through a variety of digital and IRL activites.


Invest in the future of the platform and our cryptocurrency by buying GamactiCoin

Flexible Payments

During any transaction on the platform you can have the choice to use your GamactiCoin as your form of payment


Subscribe to any creator or streamer on the Gamactica content platform using GamactiCoin

Worldwide Payments

GamactiCoin works within the global ecommerce market, allowing anyone to use it, from around the world


We offer GamactiCoin partnerships and collaborations for any business and brand interested in our cryptocurrency


the only cryptocurrency on the blockchain that is fueled by award-winning Search Engine Optimization & Internet Marketing

A New Economy

how Gamactica is innovating

Our platform is leading the way towards innovation in the industries of gaming, esports, content creation, streaming, and web3


brands, gamers and content creators can scale through a variety of digital and IRL activites.


Choose to invest in your favorite content creator or streamers channel with digital currency


our digital currency is truly an investment by the community in the community


merging web3, gaming, and content creation fluidly

Disrupt & Innovate

how we are leading the charge towards the future

Gamactica is disrupting the gaming cryptocurrency market by building and fueling a platform that merges social, gaming, and content creation. Fueled by Crypto SEO from our award-winning marketing team, we aim to provide an intuitive, freedom of choice, gaming crypto option for utilization on the Gamactica platform. Our mission is to be a leader in providing a digital currency, which also includes content creator crypto, that can both innovate the web3 space, fluidly integrate the aspects of our platform, but introduce internet marketing and search engine optimization for a more robust, scale ready, solution. Whether you use GamactiCoin or another cryptocurrency, or no cryptocurrency at all, we welcome you to our platform.


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