Embrace and Level Up Your Community

Your Community. Your Audience

Groups are an extension of the Disko streaming platform exclusively for the creators, channels, and brands that create content on Disko. Build and manage your own community and audience and provide them a place to socialized and chat during and after your streams/events

Build an Incredible Social Space for your Audience


Activity Feed, Chat, Forums, and more give your brand and content a unique social media space that you can call your own.

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Chat now live in their own space outside of your live stream creating a more manageable chat for your brand and a better experience for viewers

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Manage Your Team

Build your team by appointing Moderators and Admins to help you manage your community, building a community team for your brand

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Stay connected. Stay engaged

Keep your fans coming back for more even when you’re content isn’t live.


Chat will no longer be a “wild west” where random people can just pop in and say whatever they want. You control who is in your community, and who is now.

Improved Experience

While chat has been a fun on-screen element in streams on Twitch, and other platforms, it also has come with many risks. We keep chat separate from the on-screen viewing experience to help protect the integrity of your content.


Your community is an extension of your brand, and your channel on Disko. We allow you to build it in the manner you want, and give you the tools to scale


Keep your community rolling along fluidly with moderation tools that allow you, and your members, to keep your Group protected against potential toxicity, harassment, and conduct that could be detrimental to your brand

Social ... Done Better for Creators

Audiences and fans now have a place to socialize and chat before, during, and after your streaming events giving you an amazing tool to build and scale your brand through unique, more secure and controllable communities

Keep Your Audience Engaged

An innovative way to keep your viewers engaged in your own branded social community that no longer interrupts your streaming events or causes potential risks or issues for your online stream presentation.

Groups Are For Creators/Streamers/Brands on the Disko streaming platform

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