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[qodef_section_title type=”standard” position=”center” title_tag=”h3″ disable_break_words=”no” text_tag=”” text_font_weight=”” title=”Help Us Change the Industry” title_break_words=”3″ text=”Become more than a member. Help us shape the future of our platform. Help us build the innovations that the industry needs, and that streamers and gamers truly want. Members are the core of our foundation, and with your input we can truly make a lasting impact on the industry, and the world.”]
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Gamactica Admins help us organize our sub-communities, such as Gamactica Women, by ensuring that members of these communities are doing their part to embody the vision and mission, while also being positive and supporting members of the community. Our Admins help in our recruiting, approval, and management process.

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Ambassadors are members of the Gamactica community that help us spread the word about Gamactica, and help locate, identify, and recruit members who could be great additions to our community and share the vision of Gamactica.

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Members of our Think Tank help us with new initiatives, projects, and features we are planning to roll out with Gamactica. The Think Tank is for sharing ideas, and providing feedback on what Gamacticans need/want from our community and platform, and are critical in helping us shape the features of the future.

[qodef_section_title type=”standard” position=”center” title_tag=”h3″ disable_break_words=”no” text_tag=”” text_font_weight=”” title=”The Future of Gamactica” title_break_words=”3″ text=”our focus is on developing and implementing features that will make our social media network, mobile app, and streaming platform something truly different. Gamactica aims to stand out. In order to innovate, you must be different. Innovation is what we are striving for.”]
[qodef_process_holder process_skin=”dark” number_of_items=”four”][qodef_process_item icon_pack=”simple_line_icons” simple_line_icon=”icon-pencil” highlighted=”no” title=”Social Media” text=”integrating more powerful, popular social media features”][qodef_process_item icon_pack=”simple_line_icons” simple_line_icon=”icon-screen-desktop” highlighted=”no” title=”Mobile App” text=”we envision a mobile app that truly enriches social community & networking exclusively in the industry”][qodef_process_item icon_pack=”simple_line_icons” simple_line_icon=”icon-wrench” highlighted=”no” title=”Streaming” text=”we aim to develop the true next innovation of streaming. something different. something impactful with business & monetization in mind. 100% positive. 100% content creator driven”][qodef_process_item icon_pack=”simple_line_icons” simple_line_icon=”icon-settings” highlighted=”no” title=”Charities” text=”we aim to collaborate for charitable causes to ensure we not only impact our industry, but the world”][/qodef_process_holder]
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