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Welcome to Gravity


Gravity, or gravitation, is a natural phenomenon by which all things with mass or energy—including planets, stars, galaxies, and even light—are attracted to one another.


Gamactica is proud to present Gravity. The mission and intent of Gravity is to create, build, and optimize a directory and resource hub for the industry that creates deeper connections, supports diversity and inclusivity, and provides the most powerful discoverability resource via award-winning internet marketing.

Content Creators, Streamers, Advocacy groups, and industry brands will all have a resource and hub to network, connect, support one another, and help build Gravity into becoming an impactful resource for the industry.


Gravity is promoting, empowering, and supporting inclusivity in the gaming and content creation industries. We strive to create a community and resource hub to build strong connections.


Our mission includes shining a spotlight on diverse creators and brands, and helping them all gain organic visibility via our directory hub, and our social media platform


Building better connections is important to creating deeper roots in your community, promoting positive collaborations, and building a network of diverse creators who thrive alongside one another.


Gravity intends to build a directory and resource hub where you can connect with creators, brands, initiatives, programs, and organizations aligned with creating and promoting positive change in the industry


We rely on the input of the Gamactica community and your voice to help us mold Gravity into the innovative and impactful section it is intended to be. Help us build Gravity into something both powerful and positive for all.

Award-Winning Strategy

Gravity, like Gamactica, is structured with award-winning internet marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which powers our hub, platform, and listings with the fuel to power visibility and branding.

How Gravity is Structured

Algorithm & Discoverability


Content Creator & Streamer

``Inclusivity as well as visibility for minority groups has always been important and I feel Gravity is a good step towards both. Here you can find creators like you or learn about ones different to you and their struggles. As long as it’s utilized well it’s a good place for both support and learning.``

Allan Stroud

Gamactica CCO

``As an African American, seeing others that look like me as well as share my culture is very welcoming and encouraging. Gravity gives me and others that look and feel like me, a safe and growing space to be ourselves, and grow our respected platform and community.``


Twitch Streamer

”What’s great about Gravity is how Gamactica is more than just another slice of Rainbow Capitalism. They’re doing more than just calling themselves an ally and doing nothing with it. They’re listening. They’re learning. They’re asking questions and leaving the forum open for dialogue. It’s something that so many companies and allies alike are afraid to do because they don’t want to put in the work and effort it takes to create the space that welcomes all and not just a few. Gravity is the result of not just Gamactica’s desire to create that space, but the capacity to create a space that can learn and grow. What we have now is only the beginning, and I can’t wait to see where we go from here!”


Content Creator & Streamer

``Being able to be included is something that everyone finds important when becoming who they are. As a creator it's even more important to feel accepted and heard from everywhere. Gravity helps us not only feel included and important but it also helps us stand together as one whole! I cannot wait to meet the wonderful fellow creators like myself through the tools of Gravity, it's a bright future for us all!``

Help Us Evolve Gravity

Your Voice Matters

We understand that diversity, inclusivity, and innovation take collaborative efforts, and results don’t happen overnight. While Gravity may not be perfect, we are striving to matter to everyone, and impact the industry in a positive way to push change. A key element in that is your voice. If you have a suggestion for a tag and/or category, an idea for making Gravity more inclusive, or are a brand that wants to work with Gravity, please contact us through our Suggestion Form. Together, we can make Gravity the best it can be!

Latest Additions

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