Paradise Rules!

  • Paradise Rules!

    Posted by lolex99g on November 2, 2023 at 10:14 am

    Hello Paradise 👋🏽! This discussion Forum will be stating rules for the community. The rules are as followed:

    1. No harassment and link spamming. 🚫

    2. No sexism, racism, discrimination or hate speech 🚫

    3. No religious or political convos 🚫

    4. No pornographic images, videos, or posts allowed!! 🚫

    5. You are allowed to post memes, gaming clips, and self promotional things in this community. Just make sure any and all posts are appropriate please! Don’t be afraid to express any questions or concerns in the comments!

    6. You’re allowed to bring others into this community! Just make sure they understand the rules! It’s basically common sense.

    7. Be respectful! Be mindful! If any rules are violated and can’t be respected, there will be consequences! You’ll be warned once!

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