Groups & Communities

  • AnthonyDiMoro

    September 28, 2021 at 11:47 am

    Here is a brief outline of the features available to members who run/admin a Group on the Gamactica platform.

    FEED: Each group comes with an Activity Feed that mirrors a social media timeline. Share posts, images, clips, updates, and more.

    FORUM/DISCUSSIONS: Each group comes with a Forum (Discussions) where members can post more static content. This is a great option for posting news, announcements, your rules, and more.

    MESSAGES (Use Lightly): Each Group can send a Group Message to all members, which will create a message thread in the inbox. Please use this message only for very important situations, and keep in mind that this could easily drive away members and drive down engagement if abused. For thread conversations, always remember your Group’s Activity Feed.

    PRIVACY: Group Organizers (Admin) can set their Groups to be Public (anyone can join) or Private (members need to request approval). These can be changed in Settings.

    ROLES: Each Group has Members Roles. Organizers (Admins) control everything within a group and settings. Moderators have more limited permissions but can approve member requests (if Group is Private), Remove Members, Ban Members. There are also Co-Organizers, but keep in mind that promoting anyone to Co-Organizer will grant them the same Group permissions that you have.

    CLIPS/VIDEOS: This is where you can really do some incredible things with your Group. Each Group has a ‘Videos’ tab (aka Clips) where members, and you, can upload clips from your Channel and/or Gaming highlights. Perfect for engagement, running contests and giveaways, and taking your community to the next level.

    MODERATION: You can easily Remove any Member from your Group, and can also Ban a Member, which will prevent them from joining, or requesting access in the future.

    INVITATIONS (Do Not Abuse): Invite your Connections & Followers to your Group – but do not abuse this option by constantly sending mass invites. Doing so is a violation of our Groups TOS.

    PHOTOS: All image posted in your Group can be found in your Groups image Gallery

    MARKETING: Each Group will be tied to your associated listing page(s) – should you have one – which is powered by Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Internet Marketing. This will help with branding, visibility, and also serve as a way to showcase your community to anyone visiting your listing page.