Let’s Share Streaming Tools!

  • Let’s Share Streaming Tools!

    Posted by SiniBlob on January 19, 2022 at 3:15 pm

    I thought it would be handy to have a thread for various streaming tools that have helped us make our streams easier, more accessible or overall better. I’m hoping we’ll all add to this thread and make it one for everyone to benefit from!

    I’ll start off by sharing a couple of tools, but I’ll add more as I think of them.

    Firstly lets make sure to mention one I’ve already made a post about! This is a spreadsheet for calculating Channel Point prices by showing you how long a viewer has to watch your stream to reach them. This includes sections for watch time bonuses as well as the different boosts gotten from subscriber tiers to give you the best possible tool for calculating those Channel Point prices!

    My second (and third) contribution will be an accessibility one for adding Closed Captions to your stream. Just a quick reminder: Closed Captions are ones that a viewer can turn on or off from Twitch’s video player, while Open Captions are ones that you add to your stream overlay, making them a permanent part of the stream for all viewers.

    The way I personally add closed captions to my stream is via OBS plug-in that uses Google’s Speech Recognition API. Despite having an accent this plug-in has given me the best results in terms of accuracy. Naturally there are still silly moments in the text this spews out, that will be the case with any automatic captions, but it has been accurate enough to be useful to those who need it to enjoy the stream. http://www.obsproject.com/forum/resources/closed-captioning-via-google-speech-recognition.833/

    However, if you’ve ever used Web Captioner for open captions and feel they’ve been the most accurate for you, they’re also offering Closed Captions nowadays! It’s good to have options, so see which one recognizes you the best and go with that for your CC’s. http://www.webcaptioner.com/help/integrations/obs

    Handy tool: channel point reward price calculator for affiliates and partners
    by inTwitch

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  • SiniBlob

    January 20, 2022 at 6:13 am

    I’ve tested a lot of Twitch bots over the years and the one I’d recommend most out of the current pool of them is Firebot.

    Firebot is a lot like former Ankhbot (aka Streamlabs Chatbot nowadays, the non-cloud based one that they’re meaning to discontinue), boasting pretty much all the features it also had and more. However, the reason I recommend it is more so due to the ease of creating custom commands that behave just as you want them to. Besides achieving this through variables you can add Effects to your commands, which can be anything from the command triggering sound effects, adding Conditional effects that do different things depending on which one of your viewers used it, change your Hue lights or even ban people. You can even add subcommands to your commands. For example if you have the base command !stream that tells you the game category and stream title, you could have a sub command for help, where if someone types !stream help they get information about special effects your stream uses.

    So in short there’s a lot of fancy things you can do with commands without it being horribly difficult to do so, adding your own flair or some of Firebot’s default ones (I especially like the default overlay pop-up effect for shout outs that this bot offers) to your stream. Naturally this bot also comes with the extras one would expect like minigames, currency, and moderation tools which all can be adjusted for your needs.

    • WOGOZ

      February 27, 2022 at 7:18 am

      I have tested a lot of bots but so far the best I have found (still currently using) is botisimo. Cross-platform bot. It has a multi-chat overlay but on their platform you (streamer) can see the chat separately; Cross-platform alerts, timers, events, loyalty points, store and so on. It even has a music overlay that you can import into obs and play playlist from YouTube. I also recommend Streambeats by Harris Heller, royalty free music playlists ready to go. If you want a slightly nicer multi-chat overlay, I recommend the one from Brime.live (new streaming platform that has free restreaming built into it)

  • SiniBlob

    January 22, 2022 at 3:28 pm

    Voicemeeter is an audio mixer software that I personally use a lot, specifically the payed for Potato version (it can be downloaded and used for the first 30 days for free for test purposes), but you can use the Banana version of this same software that’s free for non-professional use (I’d still recommend getting the licence at some point if you find it useful after some initial testing. The licences are rather cheap).

    This one is a little difficult to get into at first, requiring some legwork in reading up on it or watching video tutorials if you have absolutely no experience with audio mixers, but the reason I recommend it is because once you get the hang of it it’s a good tool for rerouting certain audio’s to one output, splitting others separate or adjusting the sound in other ways.

    What this means is that you can use it for example for..

    .. rerouting discord calls to go into the same audio output as your microphone, meaning that if you use Closed Captions your friend’s words will also be captioned, not only yours.

    .. rerouting your stream alerts to go into the same output as your microphone, meaning your friends on discord can hear them and can react to them with you.

    .. putting your Spotify music onto an output that directly goes to your headphones, but won’t be heard on stream, for those of you that want to listen to something different without getting into copyright issues.

    Either way, it’s a useful tool that can make a lot of things easier once you get familiar with it.

  • SiniBlob

    January 26, 2022 at 6:28 am

    This next one’s a game picker ideal for anyone who wants to start a new game, but struggles choosing that game.

    The idea is simple: run the game picker around your regular starting time by inputting your average viewer number. The picker will check all categories and give you a list of the ones that are active and which you’d place in the top 10 streams in with your regular viewership.

    This way you can see if games you already own or plan to get would be in a good bracket for you, giving you an idea how likely you’d be seen in that category.


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  • SiniBlob

    February 4, 2022 at 8:55 am

    CommanderRoot is someone who has made a lot of useful Twitch tools over the years depending on what people seem to need.

    You can click here to get to his website where there are quite a few useful things. Here’s a few examples for things you find and might have use for in the future:

    • If you get follow-botted, then his follower removal will be helpful. It helps you filter followers by follow date, account creation date, time between account creation and follow and username. However, be careful using this one and make sure you read all instructions first – follows can only be restored by the removed user re-following you!
    • Chat ban manager helps you quickly and conveniently manage banned users on your channel. This is especially handy if you plan to mass-ban users off of a reported users list, for example. Blocklist manager does the same thing, but for your blocked/ignored users.
    • If you’re an artist or have very desirable emotes, then emotes content ID is helpful for you. This tool lets you input a desired image and then searches through all emotes if any of them look similar or the same as what you posted, making it possible for you to report channels that infringe on your emotes.

    Of course the site has a lot more tools than this, but those are some I personally find the most important.

  • SiniBlob

    February 17, 2022 at 8:39 am

    I got two goodie OBS plug-ins for you today; StreamFX and OBS Filter Hotkeys.

    StreamFX is a plugin that gives you various new sources, filters and transitions as well as new encoder options. I’ve added a picture of their Wiki page listing all of these off. I personally use the Blur filter the most, which adds various different blurs to whatever scene you’ve added it as a filter to. I recommend testing around with it a little bit – some filters and options may cause lag or instability depending on your set-up. Here’s where you find this one: http://www.obsproject.com/forum/resources/streamfx-for-obs®-studio.578/

    OBS filter hotkeys is meanwhile one of my absolute essentials. As the name suggests this allows you to add Hotkeys to all your video and Audio filters – including ones from plugins like StreamFX. This allows you to toggle things like a black and white filter for your camera, blur on your gameplay, your chroma key etc etc. Just be sure to restart your computer after adding this script to OBS for it to work properly. Here’s the link to this lifesaver: http://www.github.com/upgradeQ/obs-filter-hotkeys/blob/master/README.md

    And just as a reminder: Everyone can add any of their favourite streaming tools here, it doesn’t need to be only me contributing to the discussion. Feel free to share the ones you use!

  • SiniBlob

    February 25, 2022 at 8:11 am

    This time I’ll share a plug-in for capturing and balancing different Windows audio sources directly on OBS. Unlike the default way on OBS to capture Desktop audio (merging all desktop audio into one source), this will give you multiple separate sources for your music, game audio, system sounds etc. meaning you can freely adjust their balances right there on OBS. This will also eliminate the need for external mixing software like say Voicemeeter (though if you use Voicemeeter to reroute say microphone and discord audio into one output like I’ve explained in my Voicemeeter recommendation above, then this of course won’t replace that software for you).

    Important notice about this plug-in: This one’s still in its beta phase. So while it has come a long way and is relatively stable it can cause issues for some people, so be sure to do some thorough testing before going live with this one.

    Either way, here’s the link: