Reply To: Let’s Share Streaming Tools!

  • SiniBlob

    January 20, 2022 at 6:13 am

    I’ve tested a lot of Twitch bots over the years and the one I’d recommend most out of the current pool of them is Firebot.

    Firebot is a lot like former Ankhbot (aka Streamlabs Chatbot nowadays, the non-cloud based one that they’re meaning to discontinue), boasting pretty much all the features it also had and more. However, the reason I recommend it is more so due to the ease of creating custom commands that behave just as you want them to. Besides achieving this through variables you can add Effects to your commands, which can be anything from the command triggering sound effects, adding Conditional effects that do different things depending on which one of your viewers used it, change your Hue lights or even ban people. You can even add subcommands to your commands. For example if you have the base command !stream that tells you the game category and stream title, you could have a sub command for help, where if someone types !stream help they get information about special effects your stream uses.

    So in short there’s a lot of fancy things you can do with commands without it being horribly difficult to do so, adding your own flair or some of Firebot’s default ones (I especially like the default overlay pop-up effect for shout outs that this bot offers) to your stream. Naturally this bot also comes with the extras one would expect like minigames, currency, and moderation tools which all can be adjusted for your needs.