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Verification with Value

Our Platform Features.

Disko is building a new-age social media platform that merges social, content, and features an algorithm you can customize for your interests and needs

Verification with Value

We are bringing back the verification process that defined many popular social platforms. We are rebuilding it’s value and impact.

Algorithms for You

We provide you tools to build and manage your algorithm so you are connected to the people and brands you love and get the content and conversations you’re interested in.

Powerful Discovery

We connect you with the content you want and brands you love to optimize networking and discoverability thanks to the numerous Search Engines integrated with our platform

Grow Your Brand or business

Our social platform offers incredible visibility both on and off Disko via our powerful search engines. Create more brand impact and get listed.



Join a New Age for Social Media

Join us on this innovative journey as we bring together exciting elements and features to provide a new social media experience for today and the future.

Merging Social & Content

Targeted Networking

SEO Optimized


Our Social Media formula


Benefits & Impact for Members

Discovery & Branding

Customizable Algorithms

Content Creation

SEO Optimized

We Are On Our Way

You’re gonna love our platform

Are you ready for a social media platform that isn’t stuck in the past? Are you ready to build an algorithm that suits you? Are you ready to make connections and join communities that matter to you? Looking for a place that fluidly combines social, content creation, and value? Join Disko on this incredible journey.

                                                                                                                                               Stay tuned for updates as we continue to scale beta

Questions & Answers

Have Questions About Our Platform? Find answers here.

Find out more about our social media platform and our strategy to deliver you a fresh take on social and content creation.

Is the platform free?

Yes. Gamactica is a free social media platform. We do offer memberships for those who want more of our marketing, public relations, and/or SEO benefits.

How is your algorithm different?

We have numerous search features that allow you to find, connect, and engage with people based on your interests and purpose. 

This allows you to build an algorithm with the content you truly want to see.

What kind of moderation is there?

You can easily block and report any members within our platform. Reports that are filed are handled by our team to determine if any further action is needed.

Additionally, you can report any content that you feel is in violation of our Terms of Service.

How can I create content or stream?

As our platform grows we will be unveiling more content creation features, all in one place.

When our live-streaming platform Disko arrives, we will be slowly onboarding approved creators to stream

Who is your platform for?


Our goal is to bring audiences, people, content and brands together more intuitively, and with more purpose.

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