The GamactiScore was developed as a way to rate and review streamers and channels in the Gamactica Stream Directory.

This is a forum for viewers to grade a stream/channel on a number of factors, and will also allow streamers to gain viewer, and constructive, feedback to help improve their streams and community.

The GamactiScore measures the following:

How entertaining is a channel to you? This measures the overall entertainment value a channel provides.

Chat/Viewer Interaction
This is a grading of a channel’s Chat Room, and the streamer’s interaction with the Chat Room and viewers.

Grade a Chat Room based on how welcoming, entertaining, interactive, and fun it is.

Grade Interaction based on how a Host interacts with their community. If a streamer doesn’t acknowledge chat messages, viewers, subs, follows, donations, etc., then their rating should reflect it.

Gaming Skill
This grading is solely intended to help people find high-level gaming streams. The higher the rating, the higher the overall skill level of a streamer on a game, or games.

There is a lot of entertainment value in watching someone tackle a game for the first time (noob), or fail in gaming (in good fun).

There is also many people who want to find high level gamers to help learn about a game, tackle specific level, boss, or mission. This is intended to help those people find the channels that provide this skill.

Gamactica Engagement

This is a score reserved to grade a channel on their Gamactica community involvement.

While our basic memberships are FREE, and we try to provide a platform for everyone to utilize, and thrive, overall, the Gamactica community is full of members who really embody the spirit of the website, and the spirit of community.

When grading someone based on this factor, ask yourself the following:

  • Have you been in their channel multiple times, and have they returned the love?
  • Do you see them active on Gamactica? posting updates, sharing, etc.
  • Is their Gamactica profile complete? Do they have a picture? Have they posted?
  • Do they take a proactive approach in connecting with other members of Gamactica? Did you connect on other social media platforms? Have you seen them in co-streams, raids, etc?

NOTE: This is not a means to air a personal issue with a member of Gamactica. If there has been an incident, please Contact Us and we will review if it violates our Terms, and determine if it warrants the Salt Mines process.

This is intended to help our community, and our members, improve, help one another grow, and support one another.


We will be monitoring reviews for Spam, and Toxicity. We take our grading system seriously, and while it is in BETA, we will be fine tuning it to become what we envision it to become.

If as member abuses this system, or uses it to bully, harass, disparage, insult, “hate on”, or try and sabotage another streamer, they will be automatically banned from the Directory,, and we will revoke all access to our channels (including taking down any promos/shoutouts).