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Orbit is an extension of our social network community and marketing platform that is aimed at creating at connecting industry specific brands, businesses, and service providers directly with our community.

The Exchange is intended to serve as a robust service to find, rate, review, and shop for specific products and services within the gaming and streaming industries.

Each business and brand listed in Orbit is a member of the Disko community, providing you a deeper level of connection and communication with businesses and service providers.

Each listing comes with added Search Engine Optimization (SEO) benefits that can potentially increase brand value, visibility, discoverability, and will provide a trusted link to your associated company socials and website.

If you are a business, brand, and/or service provider that is interested in being listed in Orbit, please make sure you sign up for Premier Membership Annual.

The Impact of Orbit

Disko Obit is an innovative marketplace hub that makes it easier for brands, companies, and service provides directly connect with their target audience, organically. Get listed to start experiencing the benefits of being listed in Orbit.


Orbit is powered by award-winning internet marketing, and that power trickles down to the listings in Orbit. This impact can move the needle on visibility in digital spaces such as social, and search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Internet Marketing & SEO

Disko’s entire platform is fueled by award-winning internet marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and applies these methods and strategies to the businesses listed in Orbit. Gain a marketing edge by harnessing the unrivaled benefits of being listed in Orbit.

Convert Leads

Our innovative and unique blend of proven internet marketing and an industry exclusive social platform provide you a powerful resource to more effectively and efficiently convert leads into customers.

Get Premier & Get Listed

If you’re interested in being listed in Orbit, and having your business receive the potential benefits of our platform, internet marketing and SEO impact, then sign up for Disko Premier and fill out the associated form!

Monthly – $9.99

Annual – $100