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How to Use Gamactica

First, thanks for joining our community. Now that you’re all signed up, you may be wondering how to use Gamactica, and what exactly it does. Since Gamactica is a social community, it works very similarly to other social media platforms, only this is specifically geared for the gaming and streaming niche.

Here are some tips to get started:

  • Complete Your Profile: Make sure your profile is fully setup: go to your profile and upload a picture, make sure all of your info is correct, add links to your social profiles, add your gamertags, and add your stream. This is the best way to appear as human, and someone engaged in the community.
  • Join Groups: this is a great way to let people know your interests. There are groups for games and clubs. If you join a group for a specific game, make sure you share your channel link in the group, on the ‘Activity’ page of that group, to let people know that you stream that title. You can also utilize groups to find co-streamers, other people to game with, and other streams that broadcast that specific game.
  • Add Friends: Like any social network, adding friends is key to building your page. So, find members that interest you and add them. But, don’t stop there. Message them and mention them (using @ + username) to thank them for following you, or send any other message.
  • Post to Your Activity: the activity page of your profile is the most important ingredient in executing the perfect recipe for a Gamactica profile. This is where you can post updates on streaming, gaming, or just keep your community engaged. Not only will your friends see your posts and be able to engage back, but your posts go to the Main Activity page that is shared across the entire website. This is the best way to build your page, and build interest in your channel or work. But, use with reason. Excessive abuse will lead to removal of posts, and will drive down interest in your page. Our website is very mobile friendly, so check us out on your mobile device
  • Browse Channels: Our Stream Directory is a one-of-a-kind section that promotes & markets streamers on Twitch and Mixer. We put streamers front and center, and being listed in our Directory means you have joined a select group of streamers. Furthermore, each streamer page allows reviews for viewer feedback, allowing you to leave positive support for other streamers, gain feedback from your audience, and find the very best at what they do. Our Stream Directory is top-ranked in Google, Yahoo, and Bing and allows people to easily find streamers based on content, platform, system, game, category, and rating.
  • Watch LIVE: There are a number of sections on Gamactica where you can find channels that are streaming LIVE. Numerous sections of Gamactica allow you to find our spotlighted streamers, streamers from around the world (and in different languages), female streamers, our top male streamers, brand streams, esports, and more!

Your Profile page has a Settings and Options tab that makes it easy to setup your profile the way you want to.

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