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From Gaming NFTs to Content Creator NFTs, Gamactica is the platform to help you create and discover NFT works from around the world

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Gamactica’s award-winning SEO and Internet Marketing provides a unique platform for you to create, share, market and monetize.

The Creator & Gaming Economy is embarking on a new future, where an evolved economy is growing. Monetization now includes Content Creator NFTs, where creators on platforms such as TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram can create a new experience for their audience. Gamers, from the competitive to the casual, can now share their gaming moments via Gaming NFTs (aka Gamer NFTs), and streamers on platforms such as Twitch and Trovo can now share and monetize their best streaming moments as Streamer NFTs and create a new revenue stream for their channel.

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Create and Sell Your NFTs

Set up your Wallet

Connect your digital wallet to pay and receive payments.

Create your Collection

Select your gaming, content creation, and streaming moments and build a collection

Add your NTFs

Mint your NFTs and add them to the marketplace

List item for Sale

Select price points, build a portfolio, and monetize your content like never before

The Gamactica platform provides an organic, powerful intersection of Web3, Gaming, Content Creation, and live-streaming, allowing you to network efficiently, build your brand, and add value to your work. Gamactica is the first platform within the industry of web3, gaming, and content creation, to focus on monetization integrations that blend each niche.

Monetization is a key area of need for the streaming and content creation industries, and Gamactica aims to be a leader in creating new, innovative potential revenue streams for the industry economy, and the business and brands that operate within it. Creators can now go beyond a subscription. Streamers can now build a new revenue stream. Gamers can monetize their gaming moments. The future is now