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Russia Hits Twitch With Another Fine

Russia is again going after the Twitch streaming platform, again.

According to Reuters, a Russian court fined the Amazon-owned streaming platform 3 million roubles (around $49,000) on Tuesday for allegedly refusing to remove a two-hour live stream with Ukrainian Presidential Aide Alexey Arestovich with Russian authorities claiming the video contained “false information” related to Russia’s military invasion of the Donbas region of Ukraine.

This follows up from the 2 million roubles fine that Russia levied on Twitch earlier this month for hosting a 31-second video clip that Russian officials claimed contained “fake” information regarding the alleged war crimes that Russia committed in the town of Bucha, Ukraine.

Twitch received a fine back in June of this year for allegedly failing to store data it holds on Russian citizens within Russian borders.

Twitch has not responded at this time.

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