Case Studies

Check out data, case studies, and testimonials from the content creators who have used the Gamactica platform and the brands & companies that Gamactica has partnered with. Our data starts with Content Creators/Streamers, scroll down to see our data from Partnerships

Content Creators/Streamers

Below are Analytics directly from members of the Gamactica platform and community. These members have utilized Gamactica in some key areas, taking full advantage of the powerful elements of our platform, such as:

  • Regularly active on Gamactica
  • Listed in our directories, such as the Stream Directory (aka the Content Creator Directory)
  • Admin and/or Run their own Group/Community on Gamactica
  • Socialize and Engage with other members
  • Are consistent with their content
  • Have promoted their Gamactica accounts
  • Have promoted their Directory Listing pages, added links to their channels, have asked people to leave reviews
  • Some members go further in the Gamactica platform (Ambassadors, Contributing to Portals, Admins, etc)
  • Analytics show that Gamactica impacts members from around the world, increasing discoverability in other countries, etc

The most important factors that we focus on are the percentage of external views coming from the Gamactica platform. This can be driven via our website and our mobile app. However, given our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Internet Marketing implementations, the Gamactica platform is also boosting the percentage of external views coming from search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

It’s important to note that our methods are not intended to be quick-hits, as the real value, at the core of our platform, is viable internet marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) merged with Social Media and Content elements, and those elements, especially combined, call for a strategy-approach, one that relies on time, consistency, and intuitive approach.

When looking at your own statistics it is important that you also note the Web analytics numbers, which is not located in the External Views section. For example, this can be found under Views by Platform within the Twitch Channel Analytics dashboard.

Another area Gamactica directly impacts is the globalization of your content, increasing your visibility across the world. It’s good to track the number of viewers coming from other countries, and monitor that growth over time. This is another area where the Gamactica platform can directly impact.

Analytics from platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, and Trovo and from members from the United States and around the World

Gamactica’s marketing is handled by award-winning company Elite Rank Media (est. 2009), which runs our internal marketing department and service offerings. Our marketing has been recognized for it’s work in areas such as Video Game SEO, Miami SEO, Medical SEO, Esports SEO, Content Creator SEO, Twitch SEO, and more.



These are analytics provided by Gamactica members who collected the data from their Twitch channels





These are analytics provided by Gamactica members who collected the data from their YouTube channels


These are analytics provided by Gamactica members who collected the data from their Trovo channels



Partnership Impact & Analytics

Explore how Gamactica has benefited and impacted the brands and companies they have partnered with. Below you will find data in how Gamactica has directly impacted brand and website value, such as Domain Authority (SEO metrics) and Search Engine Visibility. 

Gamactica announced a partnership with live-streaming platform Trovo in August 2021. The purpose of the partnership was to bring Trovo streamers to the Gamactica platform, list them in our Stream Directory, and provide our marketing impact to Trovo.

Above you can see case studies that demonstrate our impact on the Trovo streamers who utilized the Gamactica platform consistently.

Below you will see how our efforts directly impacted the Trovo platform and website by significantly increasing their Domain Authority, a search engine ranking score developed by Moz that predicts how likely a website is to rank in search engine result pages. Results & Data collected by Moz. 

These metrics demonstrate that our partnership had a direct value impact on streamers, the Trovo website and the Trovo platform in areas including visibility, brand value, discoverability, and SEO value. 

Prior to partnering with Gamactica, Trovo had a Domain Authority score of 45, via Moz

By October 2021, Gamactica’s impact helped Trovo raise that Domain Authority score 5 points, a significant jump, to 50, via Moz.

Below is analytics and data, via SimilarWeb, to show the increase in traffic for Trovo’s platfrom from June 2021 (prior to partnership with Gamactica) through October 2021. The stats also show engagement, rank statistics, and more.

Gamactica announced a partnership with London, England based gaming community sharing platform Fruitlab in August 2021, a deal that would see Gamactica utilize it’s marketing methods to increase exposure for Fruitlab, with a focus on increasing visibility in the United States, via Internet Marketing, Public Relations, and visibility/branding on the Gamactica.

As you will see in the image below, Gamactica created visibility in Google News, in the United States, for Fruitlab’s brand and platform.

Additionally, Gamactica was able to improve visibility in Bing (US), using PR Marketing to push the Fruitlab brand in Bing News results.

Gamactica’s internet marketing, social media marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO) is provided by and managed by Elite Rank Media, and award winning Miami SEO and Medical SEO company that is a leading service provider for Esports SEO, Twitch SEO, Video Game SEO, Streamer SEO, Content Creator SEO, and more.