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Discover the Power of the Disko Music Search Engine

Disko is happy to present to Disko Music Search Engine which gives you direct, and easy, access to Twitch Music and YouTube music streamers and music content creators who dedicate their channels to providing live music, original works, original songs, and original music. With more and more musicians streaming live music content on platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, Caffeine, and others, it’s important for your to have a platform that helps curate and market the musician streamers who are dedicated to providing unique content.

From bands to DJs, and from singers to composers across a variety of music genres, the Disko Music Search Engine highlights the members of the Disko community who use their channel to broadcast music streams of their original music content.

Use the Disko Music Directory to find a streamer, listen their music, connect with them on Disko, and to review their work on their listing page.

Visibility & Exposure

Leverage the Disko community and our Music Directory to increase the visibility and exposure for your music streams. We strive to provide targeted traffic and exposure to our Music Directory, and the listings on our platform. As part of the Disko network, your brand is connected to our vibrant community.

Premier Internet Marketing

Disko is unique in ways beyond our website, as we are fueled by an award-winning internet marketing & SEO firm that helps our platform in important aspects of internet marketing such as SEO, Social Media Marketing, Branding, and more. These benefits trickle down and impact sections such as the Music Search Engine, and the listings within our directories.


Disko combines the valuable elements of social media marketing, internet marketing, and branding, which have proven to be critical factors in keeping your branding in tact. Improve branding, visibility, and reach with the Disko Music Directory.

Get Listed!

In order to be listed in the Disko Music Search Engine your channel must be dedicated to Music content and only music content. If you have a channel that 100% produces music content, then please fill out our application. If you’re channel streams other content, such as gaming, in addition to music, please visit our Stream Search Engine to apply.

To be listed in our Music Search Engine, please take the following steps:

  1. Download the Disko mobile app
  2. Create and complete a profile on Disko
  3. Fill out our Music Search Engine Application Form (click here)

In order to be accepted into our search engine, your channel must only broadcast music content.

Our community is at no cost to join. Applications typically take 4-8 weeks to process.