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Disko is proud and honored to present the search engine Military Content Creators, a complimentary directory to our renowned Stream Directory (aka Content Creator Search Engine). This search engine is only intended to find and support military content creators, and is an added benefit, exclusive to those in the military, to the Stream Search Engine. Each listing in this directory will link to that streamers/content creators listing in the Stream Search Engine.

The mission of this directory is to help spotlight, promote, and provide support for Military Streamers who create content on platforms such as Twitch, Kick, YouTube, Trovo, TikTok, DLive, Caffeine, and more.

Easily find Military Streamers via a variety of search criteria. Once you do, make sure you show them some support, even if it’s a small donation to their channel. It’s our collective way of thanking them for their service.

The Military Streamers directory is also a way for veterans and active duty military to find and connect with other gamers and streamers, and is directly tied to our Military Streamers Group.

Disko is dedicated to providing top notch internet marketing and search engine optimization to help drive visibility to the listings in this search engine

Find People to Game With

Utilize the directory to find other Military streamers and gamers to jump into action with. From co-streaming to just teaming up for a game, our directory makes it easy for you to find military streamers based on branch, location, and even console.

Give Thanks & Support

Salute and support Military Streamers by locating a streamer/content creator, visiting their channel on Twitch, YouTube, Kick, Trovo, Facebook Gaming, or others, and hop into their stream.

While it is not required, we do ask that you donate to each creator/streamer you find via this directory. It’s your way of giving thanks to veterans and active duty military.

Exclusive Benefits

For each streamer and content creator listed in the Military Streamers Search Engine, Disko provides specific marketing impact for that listing page.

Our mission is to increase discoverability for Military Content Creators, and bring more targeted traffic to this directory, that trickles down to each person listed. Award-winning marketing designed exclusively for the military streaming and gaming community.


It’s pretty straightforward to be listed in the Military Content Creators Search Engine. Prior to submitting an application, please make sure you have completed the following:

  • Created & Have an Active Account on Disko
  • Have Joined the Military Streamers Group
  • Submit a separate application for the Stream Search Engine ( full processing not required for approval)

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