Gamactica Verification is aimed at distinguishing and highlighting accounts that below to people/brands/companies/entities of note, recognition, and public importance.

Any violation of the Gamactica Terms of Service or Gamactica Rules, manipulation of Gamactica processes, or circumvention of enforcement actions may result in the loss of the checkmark or in certain instances, suspension. This extends to Disko platform, as verification will carry from Gamactica to Disko.


We are reviewing verification applications for those who fall in the following categories:

  1. Activist, organizer, or influencer

  2. Company, brand, or organization

  3. Entertainers and entertainment groups

  4. Government official or affiliate

  5. Journalist or news organization

  6. Professional sports or e-sports entity

Verification of your identity may be required, and includes government-issued ID, an official email address, or an official website that “directly references your Gamactica/Disko account.”

We will need at least 3 articles OR media coverage from reputable, established, and authoritative sources regarding you/your work. These sources must be within the last 18 months and can include any combination of the following:

  • Article/Media Coverage on a credible news website (article link)

  • Media/On-Screen Coverage (video links)

  • Link to a company page/sports roster with your name represented

Applications can take up to 6 weeks to review and process. If you are not approved for verification, you will be informed on Gamactica, and can re-apply in 6 weeks


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links to articles, coverage, employee mentions on company websites, within the last 12 months
Agree to Condition – Please Read Below(Required)
should there be a dispute about your claims, identity, etc, we may require a photo of your drivers license or official ID (address omitted) to confirm your identity. While these circumstances are rare, we require them to ensure our verification process is as accurate, and trustworthy as possible. Clicking Yes agrees to this potential condition. Clicking No will disqualify your application.