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Disko officially launched as a social platform in November 2023, as part of a re-brand and restructuring of Gamactica, our mission is to build the next innovation in social media, merging social, entertainment, discovery and content creation

A social media platform for today, and tomorrow’s digital world.

Disko is for audiences, fans, creators, brands, businesses, influencers, gamers, and social media personalities.

Disko is home to premier Search Engines across a variety of niches and industries, an innovative live-streaming and content creation brand (in development), and an award-winning Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization company.

For Audiences, Viewers & Communities

Join us on our journey to build an innovative social media platform and experience.

Our mission is to merge social + content more fluidly, with algorithms tailored for your interests, your communities, and the content you enjoy.

Join others. Connect with brands and creators. Find and watch the content you enjoy all on one platform

For Businesses, Brands, Creators & Influencers

Build your brand intuitively and effectively. Network more efficiently with other professionals. Expand visibility and discoverability organically. Harness the immense power of SEO. Build & Improve the value of your brand and business, and become more appealing for potential partners, advertisers, and collaborators.

Disko’s platform intuitively merges social media, optimized networking, content, and SEO to help creators, brands and companies build brand value, optimize targeted discoverability, and enhanced online branding, while connecting audiences to the content and creators they love.

Basic Memberships are at no cost, and we aim to have members who are dedicated to their craft, supportive of others, positive, and looking to be a member of a unique & innovative platform. We offer Premier Memberships for additional benefits & perks.


Disko operates like most social media platforms, but also has an expansive universe of content & directories that merges the various sectors of these industries to create an innovative platform and community.

Our Approach In Building Social Media Innovation

Take a look at our approach to building social media and how we plan to build a more valuable, impactful and entertaining platform.

Our Search Engines

Disko (BETA) is building the next innovative social media platform

                   Basic Memberships are at NO COST. 

Disko operates similar to most social network platforms . We offer popular social features such as GroupsMember Profiles, and a Timeline/Activity Page for you to share your updates, and stay up to date with other members.

We also are home to a number of Search Engines making it easy for you to network efficiently, find content you enjoy, and the brands and businesses you like to work with or shop from.


Disko is backed by an award-winning internet marketing company, so we bring to the table exposure on major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing, in addition to our Social Media Marketing and traditional marketing practices. An innovative formula + a proven track record = benefits that impact your brand/channel/content beyond views.

Explore the Stream Search Engine

Find and Network with the Leaders, Executives, and Professionals around the various niches and industries of our platform

Explore Disko Global

We are the perfect compliment to your Esports Team, and/or your brand as we provide a platform for you to bring it all to the next level. Get your team listed in our Esports Search Engine to improve visibility, marketing, and branding.

Our platform can help you simplify recruitment, discover and evaluate talent, build your presence as a team and/or player, and provide internet marketing benefits. 

 Explore the Esports Search Engine

Disko’s Game Developer Search Engine is an expansive compliment geared to create the ultimate hub for game developers, studios, indie devs, and game brands.

The Disko Game Studio Search Engine will provide games, devs, and studios a comprehensive platform to market their games, build brand visibility with SEO & Public Relations, and network with creators to showcase their games.

Explore the Game Dev Search Engine

Leverage the Disko platform to increase viewership, book guests, and generate interest in your show! Create exclusive communities for your fans and viewers. Take your podcast and show to the next level!

Check out the Podcast Search Engine

Our Influencer Marketplace is where you can find, connect, and work with Influencers from different niches and industries, all on the Disko platform.

Explore the Influencer Marketplace

Find and connect with the journalists and media personalities covering the topics you like with our Journalists Search Engine.

Leagues, Games Athletes, Influencers, Podcasts and more! The Disko Sports Search Engine brings it all together under one roof to help you easily connect with sports content and help brands gain more exposure via our platform.

                     Explore  Sports

Disko Horror aims to provide a resource hub to not only find horror content creators, horror writers, horror films, horror podcasts, and other fans, but to also network with them directly and more intuitively.

Explore Disko Horror

Eclipse is a special section of Disko that is 100% dedicated to the content creators and brands that work in the sectors of film, extended content, fan films, and online series. Get exposure for your projects and build a community on the Disko platform.

                               Explore Eclipse

Musicians and Music Creators now have their own exclusive hub on Disko. Get the extra visibility boost and benefits of our Search Engine Optimization with a listing in our Music Search Engine.

                    Explore the Musician Search Engine

Disko Web3 has a core mission of creating better business connectivity and prosperity for the industry by correcting direct pathways for creators, gamers, and businesses to connect with the web3 industry and market, which includes Cryptocurrency BusinessesBlockchain CompaniesVideo Game StocksResearch and Data FirmsPartnership OpportunitiesNFT Artists and NFT InvestorsCrypto Brands and Crypto Investors, and More 

Explore Web3

If cooking is the content you focus on, then you’ll love what we cooked up with our exclusive directory dedicated to cooking streams and cooking content creators!

If your content and brand is 100% cooking related, then our platform is 100% perfect for you.

          Explore the Cooking Content Search Engine

The past few years have shown us the popularity of fitness streams, and our platform has a special place for you to find the very best channels. Whether you’re creating fitness content or looing for a brand new workout, our fitness section provide you the boost you’re looking for.

        Explore the Fitness  Search Engine

Orbit is the ultimate marketplace for businesses who want to gain targeted visibility, and increase quality of leads.

Orbit is also a place where the community can shop for products and services specific to their market, and read reviews to help determine whom to do business with.

                                            Explore Orbit

Disko understands the immense popularity of ASMR streams, which is why it was important to us to launch the ASMR Directory. If you’re channel and brand is exclusively for ASMR content, then our platform is a good place for oyu to grow

                       Explore the ASMR Directory

Show off your cosplay. Improve branding for your cosplay costumes, cosplay makeup, cosplay body paint, and cosplay brand, all within the Disko community.

Our Cosplay Search Engine is the perfect way to showcase your brand, gain the benefit of our internet marketing, and connect with others within the industry.

                  Explore the Cosplay Directory

Disko has an exclusive section dedicated to Fashion content creators and beauty content creators. Find creators in these niches and/or add your brand to Disko Fashion to get incredible SEO benefits.

Explore Disko Fashion

The growth, success, and popularity of Short Form Content creators has exploded over the last few years, which has led to Disko to create a space to help bring Short Form content creators to even higher levels of success.

Explore Disko Short Form

Disko Travel helps connect you with travel content creatorstravel vloggers, and provides you with an easy resource to find travel streams, either in live or video-on-demand format.

Explore Disko Travel

A growing and booming community of content creators now have a place to call home thanks to our Vtubers Directory, which spotlights and fuels Vtubers and Vtube streamers from around the world.

                  Explore the Vtubers Directory

Easily connect with Venture Capital and Angel Investors to help fund and scale your business, brand, and content with our Investor Search Engine, exclusively on Disko.

Explore the Investor Search Engine

Find Shopping Streams and more, right here on Disko

Weather streams, Storm Chasers and more!

Community & Business

Orbit is the ultimate marketplace for businesses who want to gain targeted visibility, and increase quality of leads.

Orbit is also a place where the community can shop for products and services specific to their market, and read reviews to help determine whom to do business with.

                                            Explore Orbit

Disko Women is an exclusive section of Disko dedicated to spotlighting positive, women streamers, content creators, and industry names. Our goal is to help market the women who are a part of our platform, community, and industry.

Explore Disko Women

Looking to generate more donations by connecting with content creators, streamers, brands, and esports organizations? Our Charity Directory not only provides an easy access point for our community to communicate and donate directly to you, but also provides marketing benefits to help improve online and search engine visibility.

                     Explore the Charity Directory

Disko believes it’s important to have a special section dedicated to spotlighting creators in the Military and Armed Forces from around the world. A resource hub connecting military in different sectors of the industry, and generate additional support in the process.

Explore the Military Streamers Directory

Disko is happy to roll out  Disko Planet, a new section with a mission to raise awareness, support, and donations for zoos, animal sanctuaries, animal shelters, pets, and more.

Explore Disko Planet

Influencer Marketplace is a section of the Disko platform that aims to serve as a search engine & networking optimization tool to find, connect, and work with Social Media Influencers and UGC Creators across popular social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitch, Twitter (X), Kick, and YouTube.

Explore the Influencer Marketplace

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