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Disko’s Vtube Search Engine aims to highlight, promote, and spotlight VTube streamers, creators and Vtube channels. The VTube genre is one of the most popular live-streaming genres of recent years and is only growing in popularity. Our mission is to provide a true hub that efficiently addresses.

Easily find, connect, and review Vtube streams from the members of the Disko platform and community.


Our directories and platform have a track record of organically boosting discoverability and visibility for creators. Our goal is to put the Vtube community better positioned in the industry ecosystem.


Disko is an established social media networking platform, providing the Vtube community a way to build industry connections, connect with other Vtube content creators, and find content of interest.


Disko has a proven formula that efficiently addresses discoverability, in an innovative fashion. Discoverability isn’t just a tag line, we have an award-winning marketing company fueling our directories and efforts and data to demonstrate our impact on creators and brands.

Level Up Your Vtube Content


Want to join the Disko community and get listed in our Vtube Search Engine? Follow the steps and requirements below and submit your application. Applications can take up to 6-8 weeks to be processed, depending on volume. Each listing will come with a review system where content can be evaluated on factors such as Chat Interaction, Entertainment, Gaming, and Community Interaction. These reviews will calculate a Rating Score on the top of each listing page.


Requirements & Steps (follow only what is applicable to your content)

  • Create Account on Disko platform
  • Download Disko app
  • Channel/Content is 100% Vtube related
  • 17+ years of age minimum
  • Fill out application below

Disclaimer: we regularly audit our directories. Listings can be suspended, and ultimately deleted, for inactive channels, accounts, or requirements no longer being met.

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