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Disko is terrified to partner with horror news outlet Fright Nerd and our film section Eclipse on an exclusive section dedicated to the horror content community. Disko Horror provides a powerful resource and hub to find horror content creators, discover horror films and horror filmmakers, find paranormal investigators, explore the works of horror writers, and tune into horror podcasts from around the Diskoverse.

Possessed by the powers of award-winning Internet Marketing an Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Disko Horror provides an unrivaled impact of discoverability and branding at no cost.

Pure Horror awaits! Step inside the dark side of the Disko.

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Disko Horror aims to provide a resource hub to not only find horror content creators, horror writers, horror films, horror podcasts, and other fans, but to also network with them directly and more intuitively.

Our platform connect content creators and brands from all sectors of the content universe, and our sections, such as Disko Horror, are packed with award-winning internet marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) power, at no cost.

Whether you’re a horror content creator, a film maker, writer, podcast or show host, Disko Horror gives you enhanced visibility and marketing benefits that spotlights the horror industry like never before.

Increased Exposure

Disko’s proven formula has impacted visibility, brand value and exposure for brands and content creators on our platform, and we aim to utilize our award-winning internet marketing to help bring more visibility to your brand and horror content.

Internet Marketing & SEO

Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is at the core of our platform, and what we love to do! It’s time for you to fuel your horror content and brand with an award-winning structure rooted in the award-winning marketing of Disko. From Content Creator SEO to Film SEO, and more, Disko is an industry leading brand.


As our platform grows and continues to evolve, we will be a hub for your to effectively network with other creators, fans, and brands within the horror niche, and beyond!

Expand your network. Build connections. Grow your brand!

Partnered with Fright Nerd & Haunted Portal



Disko is partnered with horror news brand Fright Nerd. Our mission is to provide a content marketing source as an extension of Disko Horror, to creators and brands that wish to further their marketing initiatives.

Fright Nerd is a great source of content, and helps us provide more horror content to you, and furthers our efforts in building a powerful presence in the horror industry.

Haunted Portal is a paranormal news website focusing on coveringHaunted Portal paranormal investigators news, hauntings, sci fi, cryptid news, and more.

Submit Your Application


Get listed in Disko Horror at no cost. Make sure you complete the following steps prior to filling out the official application. Once these steps are completed, submit your application. Applications can take up to 4-6 weeks to process, depending on volume and SEO implementation.


  1. Create and Complete Profile on Disko
  2. Download and Install Disko mobile app
  3. You are 17+ years of age
  4. Your content is 100% horror based

Partner with Disko (Films/Shows)


By Partnering with Disko, we can bring our efforts and benefits to the next level. Partnering with Disko would involve incorporating our logo/brand in opening credits and closing credits of your project. It’s that simple, and here are some additional benefits you would receive. Read Full Terms of Partnership

Increased Efforts

We double down on the Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your listing page to provide you added benefits to our platform.

Public Relations

We double down on our efforts in creating exposure for your content in Portals and on Fright Nerd. Work with the team on exclusive interviews, trailer releases, and review articles. Our content is syndicated in Search Engine News pathways.

More Horror = Better

Disko is partnered with Fright Nerd, a horror news website, and we can work with your team on additional content on the Fright Nerd website.