Disko Stream Directory Application

Steps to Be Completed

In order to submit your application and to gain approval for a listing in our Stream Directory, you must complete the following steps:

  • Create an account on Disko
  • Download & Install the Disko Mobile App
  • Finish your Disko profile (picture, bio, links, etc.)
  • Submit a Review of a Streamer/Content Creator in our Stream Search Engine
  • Are 17+ Years of Age
  • Have streamed consistently for more than a month 


We are selective with the streams we list in our directory. If you want your channel to be listed, please fill out the form below. Please ensure that all information is filled out correctly.

Once we receive the request, we will review (in the order that it is received) and contact you if you have been approved.

If you are not selected, you can re-apply in one month. You can be rejected for a number of reasons, and we aim to list everyone who expresses positivity and community support.

IMPORTANT: After submitting your application email us your logo or pic you want us to use for your listing. Make sure to put your Disko username & channel username in the title of the email info(at)gamactica.com

Listings take considerable time to build, format, and to structure with our marketing (SEO) impact. Therefore, listings can take 1-4 weeks to process, depending on the volume of applications which could impact that timeframe.


  • this is NOT public information.
  • your primary email address (this is where we will contact you)
  • City/State/Country - provide us a location that helps people find your listing page.
  • your EXACT username on Disko (If you have NOT made an account, your application will be denied. Please create a profile first)
    the platforms you stream on
    Choose the categories that apply to your stream
  • links to your channel - EXAMPLE: twitch.tv/gamactica, youtube.com/gamactica
  • ex: xbox-gamactica, playstation-gamactica
  • links to your social media profiles such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, OnlyFans, Patreon, etc. (example: http://instagram.com/gamactica_ , http://twitter.com/gamactica
  • tell viewers about you and your channel. The more you say, the more likely people will visit your channel. This is your chance to tell potential viewers, businesses, and sponsors about your channel, brand, and you
  • list all the games that you stream consistently. these will be used to help people find your channel, by game, in our Stream Search Engine
  • Language that you stream
    label your content with one of the following rating systems - More info: http://gamactica.com/streams/ratings
    pick the game genres that you mostly stream/create content
    IMPORTANT: ALL Boxes MUST be checked and ALL steps must be completed 100% otherwise we will automatically deny your application.
    IMPORTANT: ALL Boxes MUST be checked otherwise we will automatically deny your application.
  • include a link to your tiktok channel
    if yes, we can list your content in our section Gamactica Red
    if YES - Submit this form - gamactica.com/influencers