Stream Search Engine Terms

Below are the Terms and Conditions for being listed in the Disko Stream Search Engine. This is in addition to the Disko Membership Terms and Privacy Policy.

These Terms apply to being listed, and remaining listed in our Stream Search Engine.

Community Engagement

We are a community and only as strong as our members make us. Our platform is to help members grow, connect, and improve. If you are a part of the Stream Directory, this means you are getting the most support from the platform, but that is only maximized by connecting and supporting other streamers who are on Disko.

The best way to show support is by visiting their streams, popping in their chat, and communicating.

Be available to game/co-stream with other Disko members. It’s a great way to bring all of your marketing powers together.

While we understand your channel is your #1 priority, we ask that you help others grow, because our community will return the favor, and support.


There is absolutely no negativity, cyber-bullying, bullying, hate, or any toxicity allowed in our community.

Each member is free to Contact Us if you find an instance of toxicity from one of our members. The toxicity doesn’t have to happen on Disko.Social to be considered a violation of our terms.

Racist, Sexist, Homophobic, Hate Speech, Harassment, Bullying, or Lewd/Offensive behavior from a member of Disko while they broadcast, or are in another member’s chat, can be considered a violation and lead to removal of your Listing, and could also lead to termination of your Disko account.

This includes defaming Disko, the owners of Disko, Disko’s parent company, Gamactica, and it’s partnered websites.

If you have experienced any of the above from a member of Disko, and/or a stream listed in our Stream Directory, please Contact Us.

Salt Mines

The Salt Mines are where we review incidents of Toxicity. Depending on the situation, and offense in question, we may place a member in the Salt Mines, a form of suspension from the Directory.

If a member resolved the dispute amicably, improves, or in any other way rectifies the situation, they can be removed from the Salt Mines and their profile re-activated.

Salt Mines are also reserved for members/people banned from the Disko community and the website.

While this list is not made public, we investigate incidents, within our control, as best as possible.

User Content

By listing your channel, and/or being a member of Disko, you understand that Disko, or it’s parent company and partners, are not responsible for the content posted by members of Disko on a profile, activity feed, and/or during a stream.

Disko is not to be held responsible, liable, or at fault for the behavior of a member of Disko, or someone viewing your channel from our website.

Disko has absolutely no control of a member’s channel, content, or conduct.

While we can police certain situations, via the Salt Mines, there are certain situations outside of our control.

Our advertisements, and branding, will be present on Disko.Social, in various areas of our website.


If you do not agree to these terms, which can change at any time for any reason, we cannot list you in our search engine(s).

If you proceed with a listing, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.