Esports Search Engine Application

Thank you for your interest in being listed in the Disko Esports Search Engine. Before filling out the application below, please ensure that you have completed the following steps in order to be considered for approval. These steps must be completed to be approved, and must continue to be followed in order to maintain your listing.

  • Created a Profile Exclusively for your Esports Team on Disko
  • Downloaded the Diskoa Mobile App.
  • Must be 18+ years of age

Make sure you also meet the following criteria:

  • Must be the Owner/Admin of the Esports Team to apply
  • Esports Team Must Be Active for at least 6 months.
  • Must have a Logo created
  • Must have a social media presence for the Team

Esports Directory Application

for the Esports Network Directory
Your Name and Position with your Esports Organization. If you are a player, no need for position
contact email for you in regards to this application
your username, and the usernames of any of your team members on Disko
Select the Category most specific to you
explain what you and/or your brand/team are all about. Talk about accomplishments and experience. Awards/Championships/milestones
Category (Esports Teams/Players)
choose the category that best describes your Esports Team/Skills. Choose all that apply
links to your social media profiles - example:
include links to the main channel(s) for your Esports team - example:
Who is on Your Roster? Once they are added on Disko we can list links to their profiles here
include Teams You have played on/Events you have worked/tournaments you have played in /hosted
Confirm the Following Steps Have Been Completed(Required)
these MUST be completed to process the application and must be followed in the future for maintaining your listing.
When the Disko streaming platform officially launches, would you be interested in airing your Esports Events on Disko?(Required)