Gamactica Terms of Engagement Partnership

We at Gamactica look forward to working with you on your project. This project is related to your video game/film/TV show/or Content series and this partnership can be cancelled, at any time, by either party.

NOTE: Termination of partnership does not automatically terminate your listing page or account on Gamactica. You can formally enter a request to remove a listing, and cancel your account at any time.

Gamactica’s Role in Partnership

Gamactica will provide additional internet marketing focus , such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to your related listing page, and articles to promote the release of your project (1 prior to release, 1 at or following release, unless outlined differently).

This is provided at no cost, in good faith, of a continued partnership.

Gamactica will not be providing direct SEO Services to your website, social media pages, or any pages outside of your brand’s presence on the Gamactica platform. The SEO focus will be focused on your Gamactica associated listing page that includes your social media links, website links, content links, and any related embedded media.

Internet Marketing will include 1-2 articles that can be formatted as interviews, or news updates. One pre-launch, and one post-launch. Each project under the partnership umbrella will carry the same terms individually.

Should you need additional marketing or SEO, you can contact us for our service options.

Your Role in Partnership

You will include the provided media (video format) of Gamactica branding during the opening of your film/show/content/video game and it will remain at, and following it’s release.

Partnerships can continue for each game/film/show/content your produce, provided:

  • There is already an established partnership
  • The branded media (video) is added to the beginning of each project
  • Your new projects are communicated with our team

Terms of Partnership

  • Both parties agree to these terms
  • No currency/money/payment is exchange for any of the above, at any time. This is a FREE, at will, partnership with no guarantees, no financial commitments, and no legal liability for either party.
  • This is merely an exchange
  • Gamactica is not responsible for your online reputation, branding, marketing, success, nor is Gamactica responsible for the legalities, financials, and/or success of your company and your associated project in any way, shape or form.
  • Gamactica has no rights or liability to your content in any way shape or form
  • Gamactica is granted permission to market, promote, and display your media, such as images/videos/audio, and related brand projects on the Gamactica platform (ie: Gamactica is allowed to embed your media on it’s platform/your listing page)


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Partnership is related to..(Required)
You Understand & Agree to Place Disko Intro Video in Opening of Film/Show/Game(Required)
You Understand what Disko is delivering(Required)
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You Have Read and Agree to the Terms of the Partnership(Required)