Disko Podcast Search Engine Application

Below is the application form for the Disko Podcast Search Engine, where you can have your gaming podcasts listed, reviews, and marketed within the Disko universe. We do have a number of steps outlined below that are required to be completed (and stay completed) in order to receive approval. We require all listings to follow these steps, as it allows us to ensure that our directory, and it’s benefits, are passed on to the dedicated members of our community.

Applications can take anywhere from 1-6 weeks

Podcast Directory Application

application for Gamactica's Podcast Directory
Name of your Podcast/Talk Show
names of the hosts of the show
Gamactica usernames of all hosts
Put main link to podcast first, make sure we can embed
URL Links to all social media accounts for podcast
Show Topics & Categories(Required)
Topics Discusses on Your Show Consistently
A detailed bio of your podcast
Confirm You Have Completed the Steps for Approval(Required)
these must be completed in order to be approved for listing. Any listing that is approved that backtracks on any steps will be suspended.
Once we launch our live-streaming/podcast extension of Disko, Would You Be Interested In Streaming Podcasts on Disko TV?(Required)