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Eclipse is dedicated to curating content creators and the content they produce in the mediums of film and entertainment. From Fan Films to Performances, Eclipse is your resource for finding new content in an ever-growing medium.

Connect, Support, and Explore the works of Creators, Directors, Performers, Producers, Actors/Actresses, Film Studios, Writers, Film Festivals, Filmmaker Content Creators and Voice Actors, all under one roof!


What Eclipse Does…



For any film maker, studio, producer, actor, or writer – getting your work seen in such a competitive and saturated market can be challenging, and expensive when you factor in powerful internet marketing. Eclipse provides award-winning internet marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) impact for each of our listing pages, which can potentially provide your work/reel/brand the additional visibility that is an important part to any strategy.

Not only does a listing on Eclipse allow you access to those benefits, each listing page includes a bio, social media links, and an embedding of your reel/movie/trailer/work.

Eclipse is just one part of the Disko platform, which is a social network for creators from a variety of content mediums such as gaming, streaming, and more – providing incredible networking and exposure opportunities.

The Power of Eclipse


Being listed in Eclipse is a valuable pathway to increasing exposure, visibility and branding thanks to the powerful structure of the Disko platform.

Explore the benefits of being listed, and also Partnering with Disko on an upcoming/future content project.

Increased Exposure

Disko’s proven formula has impacted visibility and exposure for brands and creators on our platform, and we aim to utilize our award-winning internet marketing to help bring more visibility to your brand and content.

Internet Marketing & SEO

Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is at the core of our platform, and what we love to do! Managed by an award-winning company, Disko’s Eclipse will help you build Search Engine Optimization benefits that can improve branding, and help your content grow! Explore Our Impact

Content Marketing

Work with our News/PR team on sharing your trailer, and helping bring additional exposure to your content. Clutch Win is our news outlet, syndicated in Google News, that covers all forms of entertainment, content creation, gaming, and social

Partner withDisko


By Partnering with Disko, we can bring our efforts and benefits to the next level. Partnering with Disko would involve incorporating our logo/brand in opening credits and closing credits of your project. It’s that simple, and here are some additional benefits you would receive.

Increased Efforts

We double down on the Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your listing page to provide you added benefits to our platform.

Public Relations

We double down on our efforts in creating exposure for your content in Clutch Win. Work with the team on exclusive interviews, trailer releases, and review articles. Our content is syndicated in Search Engine News pathways.

We Love Horror

We love all content genres, but Horror is where we can provide even more benefits for Partners. Disko is partnered with Fright Nerd, a horror news website, and we can work with your team on additional content on the Fright Nerd website.