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Welcome to the Disko Podcast Search Engine where you can easily find podcasts from around the platform. Tune into podcasts and talk shows that air/stream on platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, Spotify, Anchor, and more!

Finding the best podcasts has never been easier. Discovering brand new YouTube podcasts is quick and easy. Connecting with new sports, content creation, horror and gaming podcasts has never been so simple.

Disko helps you connect, and network, with podcasts within the industry. Explore, tune in, review, and connect, all in the Disko community and with the Podcast Search Engine.

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Disko’s Podcast Search Engine is a one-of-a-kind promotional and marketing outlet that not only serves as a directory of multiple podcasts, including sports podcasts and gaming podcasts from various platforms, but also provides an outlet to watch multiple LIVE & Archived podcast episodes, all in one place, easily. When you find a channel you want to watch, don’t forget to launch it in full screen, participate in chat, and connect with the hosts within the Disko community.

Getting Listed in our search engine is at no cost & only requires a number of community related steps to be considered.

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Increased Exposure

Your podcast is embedded on your own dedicated page, located in our directory. Whenever you go LIVE, your channel goes LIVE on your listing page. Members (and visitors) can not only watch your channel, but also chat right from our website (if logged in to Twitch/YouTube) giving you direct exposure from our website, via our traffic.

Premier SEO & Internet Marketing

Disko is powered by an award internet marketing, search engine optimization, and social media marketing company, Elite Rank Media. Our structured marketing provides powerful, unique, and targeted marketing benefits, which trickle down to your channel/podcast increasing exposure globally online and in search such as Google, Yahoo, Bing.


Our Podcast Search Engine isn’t just a directory, it is woven into our social networking community which is exclusive to the industry, and has members from around the globe. Disko provides an environment for you to network, socialize, and promote, but a place to empower your marketing efforts. Find guests, interact with your audience, market your brand, network within the industry.


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